Mark Say

The latest:

Whispers from the Hole – An artist creates a dark force he cannot control

New Year’s Eve, 1999 – An old man recalls an act of desperation from his youth

Big Macs in Bangkok – It was the most disgusting thing I had seen

The Rubber Face – A stranger in a market, lemon juice, an act of violence

Mark Say tells stories that delve into the swirling forces of the human psyche: what makes people good, what turns them bad, and what can rip them apart. He explores fear, elation, moral uncertainties, and situations in which right and wrong become hopelessly tangled.

There are novels: the Post-War Blues trio, set in the sleazy underside of London in the late 1940s, an era of austerity in which the struggle against old bigotries and fears continued.

There are short stories: Perversities of Faith, a collection of tales of how religion can take people’s mind to daft and dangerous places, and how some manage to find a way to break free.

There is The Art Gallery, a series of stories inspired by works of art, snapshots of the despair and joy that can be captured in images and words.

There are the Other Stories, picking through the moral ambiguities and emotional confusion of modern lives.

These are stories about what makes us tick, what drives us crazy, what gives us delight and what can lead us onto the path of evil or towards the heights of goodness. Explore the site, enjoy the stories, then look for more.