The Other Stories

A selection of stories written over the years. They’re different, funny, vicious, heatbreaking. They’re here to be enjoyed.

Meeting Tara      A man hears from a young woman claiming to be his daughter

The Rubber Face     A stranger in a market, lemon juice, an act of violence

Whispers from the Hole  An artist creates a dark force he cannot control. Written with a nod to MR James

New Year’s Eve, 1999    Hours before the new century, an old man recalls an act of desperation

Big Macs in Bangkok    It was the most disgusting thing I had seen

Izzy Wizzy     A tortured man … dark magic … and Sooty

Lucas          A ventriloquist dummy tells a tale of hitting hard times

Ellroy’s Work      A cat leads a frustrated writer into a dark journey in conceptual art

Lewisham Half-Breed      A middle aged man tracks down the father he never knew

Here is the News     A TV news crew is confronted with a lethal dilemma in a war zone

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